My name is Annick (uhh-neek) and I’m an award-winning art director and graphic designer with over 8 years of experience. 🙋🏻 I am a New York City transplant hailing from Los Angeles and born in Bogota, Colombia. I am a designer of all things and specialize in events, branding, experiential marketing, advertising, interior and office design with a passion for color, innovation, and DIY.

As a Design Director at Viacom Digital Studios - I get to work across iconic brands like MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and BET. Whether its an event like Newfronts or an All Hands presentation - I get to work on all creative materials from start to finish. Also from time to time I find opportunities to pitch my own work - for example this year, I’m hand-painted my very first mural and was able to show it off at Vidcon! Although this is somewhat of a new role, it’s pushed me to try new things in order to grow as a creative.

Previous to Viacom, I was a Creative Director at Awesomeness, a leading media company for the global Gen Z audience where I led a team of designers with the goal of creating high quality projects for the company at large. From designing key art for a new film or series, to designing interactive, experiential marketing events at high-profile events like VidCon, Playlist Live, or branded activations like our Awesomeness Beach House - my team got to see it through from conception to delivery.

I started my professional career at Grupo Gallegos (California), where I led design and art direction on large-scale projects for accounts including JCPenney, Got Milk?, Comcast and Toshiba. During my time there, I was a two-time Young Lions Awards winner in the Cyber and Film categories. These experiences opened my eyes up to the endless possibilities being a designer has to offer.

I've always had a love for craft and I try to apply that to my everyday life, so when I’m not in the office, you’ll catch me working on personal DIY projects like hand-lettering, dog piñatas (see below for photo evidence), as well as joining forces with other artists to produce projects like The Woman Card deck, and participating in social impact projects like AdAge’s March For Our Lives poster contest. Taking time to step off the computer and experiment with other forms of design is incredibly important to me.

Today, my creative and design work can be seen in Adweek, AdAgeLuerzer's Archive, LatinSpots and more.